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  • Kopi Arabika Kalosi Enrekang
  • 15 Februari 2013
  • ID G 000000018


Arabica Kalosi Enrekang coffee is well known in domestic and international markets. It is known as a specialty coffee with a distinctive taste and aroma. When medium roasted, it has a sweet and slightly spicy flavour. It also has a variety of highly distinctive aromas, combining inter alia spices, chocolate, fruits, flowers and caramel. Arabica Kalosi Enrekang coffee has been certified organic and must be free of defects.


The flavour of Arabica Kalosi Enrekang coffee is derived from the interaction between the varieties of coffee used and the geographical conditions in the area of planting, cultivation and processing. The traditional local method of coffee bean production is one factor that contributes to the specific qualities of Arabica Kalosi Enrekang coffee. The geographical area (1 000-2 000 m above sea level, with podzolic soil and cold, dry air), the agricultural ecosystem (very suitable for Arabica coffee) and the climatic conditions of the ancient highland area of the Latimojong Mountains, combined with producers’ know-how, create a high-quality coffee.

Batas Wilayah

The production area for Arabica Kalosi Enrekang coffee is located at an altitude of 1 000–2 000 m above sea level on the slopes of the Latimojong Mountains, which cover the five districts of Bungin, Baraka, Buntu Batu, Baroko and Masalle in the Enrekang regency of the province of South Sulawesi.


Proses Produksi

The coffee grown in the Latimojong area comes only from Arabica varieties. Producers must follow special techniques to preserve the coffee plots (use of natural fertilisers and shelter plants, density of plantations, etc.). Ripe cherries are hand-picked to ensure the best quality, with 95% red cherries and a maximum of 5% yellow cherries. Green and black cherries are prohibited. To obtain green coffee beans, the cherries are washed (wet-method processing), sorted, pulped, fermented, soaked, sun-dried, graded and stored. The coffee beans are initially sorted and graded and then hand-sorted to ensure the finest quality of beans. The coffee products from the slopes of the Latimojong Mountains are mostly green coffee beans (as raw material), with only a small amount in the form of ground coffee (as final product). The roasting process does not necessarily take place in the production area.

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