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  • Kopi Arabika Toraja
  • 9 Oktober 2013
  • ID G 000000025


Arabica Toraja coffee is renowned for its defined flavour, balancing a good bitter taste and its strong aroma which is a quality characterised by sweet flavour nuances, chocolate, spice and orange flavours and the scent of flowers.


Toraja Arabica coffee is renowned as one of the best quality coffees in the world, since it was introduced by the Dutch in the 18th century to the present. Arabica Toraja coffee is a high-quality product and its good reputation has increased even more since it has become the local people’s main source of income in the administrative area of the Toraja and North Toraja communities. Arabica Toraja coffee is cultivated in wet climate plantations at an altitude of 900 – 2 800 m above sea level with an average rainfall of 2 104 mm per year. The average humidity is 89 8 %, an average of 58 4 % of sunlight and temperatures range between 18 and 20°C. The types of soil are classified in five sectors, namely entisols, inceptisols, mollisols, alfisols and ultisols.

Batas Wilayah

The Arabica Toraja coffee production area is located in the districts of Bittuang, Gandang Batu Sillanan, Makale, Makale Selatan, Malimbong Balepe, Mappak, Mengkendek, Rano, Rembon, Saluputi, Tana Toraja regency and the districts of Awan Rantekarua, Baruppu, Buntu Pepasan, Rindingallo, Sopai, Nanggala, Buntao, Balusu, Bangkelekila, Kapala Pitu, Sa’dan, Sesean Suloara, Rantebua, Denpina, Sesean dan Tikala in North Toraja regency, in the province of South Sulawesi.



Proses Produksi

The Arabica Toraja coffee comes from plantations that grow in the Toraja highlands at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. This shade-grown coffee is also cultivated with other plants and maintained organically. Pest and plant disease are controlled by using only natural methods and not artificial chemical pesticides. Ripe cherries are selectively hand-picked to ensure the best quality and then carefully sorted, with a minimum of 95 % red cherries, and a maximum of 5 % yellow cherries, but without any green or black cherries. The red cherries are classified manually and their red skin is removed on the same day. The coffee beans are fermented for 12 to 36 hours, then they are washed down with water and sun-dried. Arabica Toraja coffee is sold in the form of half-dried crusted horn beans (wet HS coffee), dried crusted horn beans (dried HS coffee), dried green coffee beans (green beans) roasted coffee beans and ground coffee.

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